About me

Hi and welcome to my personal website!

I’ve created this website to share with you all my latest works, scripts and whatever comes to my mind.  I consider myself a creative person, I love to work in a team as sitting next to talented people is always good to be inspired and try to inspire.

In my spare time I’m always busy on some crazy project: from setting up a team to recreate the Howl’s Moving Castle in 3d, to the development of two iOS games, to the Animation Mentor course or,  the last thing I did, a Python course.

I really like to be constantly engaged on something, to learn, meet new people and face new difficulties.
And I’m glad to have done all of this things, regardless if they’ve turned into a success or a failure, because from each project I’ve always came out stronger and more experienced.
I love photography and recently I started mixing this passion with a brand new one: diving.
One day I’d love to be a professional underwater photographer and my dream is to do an expedition in the Arctic where I could take pictures of the amazing flora and fauna under the ices.

Animation and photography are two disciplines which are strictly connected, and I believe that by improving as an animator I also improve as a photographer and vice versa.


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