cheap face mocap pt1

I’ve recently watched this tutorial on Pluralsight (ex digital tutors) on Creating Custom Facial Motion Capture in Maya









It’s a nice and simple tutorial that teaches you to track some facial motion capture in matchmover, export the tracked data as locators in maya, and then parent the locators on an existing rig.

The only bit where it was a bit “meh”, is the part where you have to constraint the generated locators to the animation controls.

Generally, face control have values that range from -1 to 1 and from 0 to 1, but the controls I’ve exported from matchmover had crazy values, and to fit the animation curves within these ranges can be a very boring job.

Therefore I thought…wouldn’t be awesome if I could select the locator and re-normalize the curves based on a range I decide?  So I made a script for that!

Now it doesn’t have a UI, but that’s the next step. If you want to play with it now, just copy and have fun with it!


In the meantime I’ll leave you with the mocap video I made 😀

I should really build a facecam because trying to stay still while performing was very hard…

More updates soon!

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