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Woot! I finally finished Codeacademy’s python course!



It took me ages to complete this course, but I can finally remove it from my to do list of this year! 🙂
I’ve learned loads, and I strongly recommend to bot anyone who wants to learn this language from scratch and to those who want to improve their fundamentals.
This course is really well explained and if you get stuck you can always turn on the hints or read people’s questions in the q&a forum.

Below you can find the entire course structure:

Python Syntax

This tutorial will introduce you to Python, a general-purpose, object-oriented interpreted language you can use for countless standalone projects or scripting applications.

Tip Calculator

Now that you’ve completed the lesson on Python syntax, let’s see if you can put your newfound skills to use. In this project, you’ll create a simple calculator that determines the price of a meal after tax and tip.


Motionbuilder fingers jiggle animation with relation constraints

I’ve been recently playing with relation constraints to see if I could get a bit of a jiggle in my finger animations.

After watching this video from 3d Buzz, I’ve modified their concept based on my needs.

I managed to do it pretty quickly, but I realized that the deformation they get is too toon even with a very low damping value. Although this doesn’t  work for what I do, I think it could be helpful in a previz stage if you have tails or hair. This is what the connections looks like for each finger (click to enlarge the picture) : fingerJiggle

And this is a video demonstrating the result(the value applied to the fingers is quite low, so the effect is subtle but I think still noticeable):

Motionbuilder relation constraint reference


Following this link you’ll find a reference list to many expressions used in the relation constraint.
Most of them are pretty straightforward, but if you get stuck this could be useful 😉