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Motionbuilder parent constraint tool

I’m currently working on the ultimate parent constraint tool for Motionbuilder.
So far the tool is very simple: select the child, select the parent and you have your constraint. In the future I want to add the option to automatically key the weight values before and after a certain range and choose the type of constraint as well.

This is what it looks like in action:

Motionbuilder python tool: parent constraint from Francesco Sternativo on Vimeo.

And this is the code:

Diving in Lanzarote

A couple of weeks ago I’ve been in Lanzarote with one of my mates. We hang around Playa Blanca diving for four days and this is what that adventure looked like. I filmed the dives with my beloved and modified gopro hero 1. I think I’ve pushed it to the limit with this session…I guess I really have to upgrade my equipment!

Diving in Lanzarote 2014 from Francesco Sternativo on Vimeo.


I usually build a new personal website, then delete it, make an another one and so on…hopefully this one will last quite a while!
I’m going to post some links of existing things I’ve made, just to fill it a bit. Hopefully in the next days I’ll post some new stuff like what I’ve been doing with python and motionbuilder 🙂