Motionbuilder constraint tool update

hey I’ve updated the parent script I made on this previous post.
Now is more efficient, and it will change the name in the navigator based on the type of constraint (I’ve set it to work only on position, rotation and parent but it’s easy to modify it)¬† so it will look like this:



hope it helps ūüôā

Perforce and motionbuilder

I’m currently on mobo 2015 and even if now¬†python has been updated to the 2.7.3, I couldn’t find a the¬†64bit ¬†release for P4Python for the 2.7.

Before finding the right file I had several errors such as:

or I couldn’t even install the package because it was pointing to the 3.3 version of python resulting in:



If you had any of these errors, try installing this version that Matt, a staff member of the perforce forum, gave me:


good luck!


Motionbuilder aux effector switch

Hey everyone,
I’ve recently wrote this script (which I suggest to bind to an hotkey shortcut) that switches the values of the aux effector between 100% and 0% and will disable the “animatable” attrubute.




Motionbuilder relation constraint reference


Following this link you’ll find a reference list to many expressions used in the relation constraint.
Most of them are pretty straightforward, but if you get stuck this could be useful ūüėČ

Motionbuilder parent constraint tool

I’m currently working on the ultimate parent constraint tool for Motionbuilder.
So far the tool is very simple: select the child, select the parent and you have your constraint. In the future I want to add the option to automatically key the weight values before and after a certain range and choose the type of constraint as well.

This is what it looks like in action:

Motionbuilder python tool: parent constraint from Francesco Sternativo on Vimeo.

And this is the code: