Francesco Sternativo
3d animator

About Me


My goal is to became a great animator and a good rigger to help the production and the communication between the two departments.

I like to work hard, I'm always ready to face new difficulties and I love to work in a team so I can share my knowledge and I can learn from everybody.




  • // realistic and toon animation
  • // knowledge of the mocap pipeline (camera setup, actor dressing, calibration of the mocap area and the cleanup of the data with motion builder)
  • // good knowledge of the rigging pipeline and character setup
  • // team working
    // able to work under pressure and tight deadlines
    // good knowledge of direction and film making
    // adding creative input




  • Maya
  • Natural motion MORPHEME
    Motion builder
    Optitrack ARENA
    Unreal engine
  • After Effects
    Quark Xpress
  • Alienbrain asset management
  • Hansoft project manager


July 2013 to Present

Cinematic Animator


Jun 2010 to June 2013

3d Animator

Ninja Theory

DmC - Vergil's downfall - AAA multiplatform

DmC - Devil may cry - AAA multiplatform

Sep 2008 to May 2010

jr. 3d Animator

Ninja Theory

Enslaved: odissey to the west - AAA multiplatform

Aug 2007 to Apr 2008

3d Animator

Fulmini e leopardi

La banda volante - Tv series

Aug 2005 to Jan 2006

3d Animator and modeler

Even studios

3d animator and modeler for an unannounced and unreleased Pc game


2013 - 2013


Python in maya


2012 - 2012

Animation mentor

Animation course (class 6)



Mark Rigby's private studio

Life drawing


2006 - 2008

Animation mentor

Animation course (classes 1-5)


Aug 2005

Darkside training centre

Intensive Maya training course


Sep 2003 Jun 2005

Accademia delle arti e nuove tecnologie

Graphic design academy